2016 News Releases

09/11/2016 - Argex Titanium Achieves Consistent Commercial Grade Samples Opening Door to the Engineering Design Phase
04/10/2016 - Argex Titanium Achieves Significant Progress at the Laboratory

27/09/2016 - Argex Titanium Announces the Completion of the TMX Review

15/09/2016 - Argex Titanium Announces Results of Annual Meeting

29/08/2016 - Argex Titanium Announces Extension of Toronto Stock Exchange Listing Review

19/08/2016 - ArgexTitanium Appoints Shaun Parmar as Chief Financial Officer

10/08/2016 - ArgexTitanium Restarts its Laboratory in Valleyfield

05/08/2016 - ArgexTitanium Announces Payment of Accrued Interest on 8% Convertible Debentures

13/07/2016 - Argex Titanium Announces Closing of Private Placement and New Management Team

27/06/2016 - Argex Titanium Updates on Private Placement of Secured Convertible Notes

09/05/2016 - Argex Titanium Announces Private Placement of Secured Convertible Notes

14/04/2016 - Argex Titanium Announces Provides Default Status Report

31/03/2016 - Argex Titanium Announces Grant of Management Cease Trade Order
16/03/2016 - Argex Titanium Requests Extension on the Filing of its Annual Audited Financial Statements and Annual Information Form
02/09/2016 - Argex Titanium Defers Payment on its Convertible Debentures 


2015 News Releases

12/23/2015 - Argex Appoints New Director and CFO
12/18/2015 - Argex Titanium Announces Letter Of Intent With A Seasoned Industrial Group
09/30/2015 - Argex Completes Non-Brokered Private Placement 
09/18/2015 - Argex Completes Non-Brokered Private Placement 
09/08/2015 - Argex Sets Early Expectations on Health, Safety and Environmental Standards
08/25/2015 - Argex Prepares for Process Intensification Program
08/13/2015 - Argex Signs Feedstock Supply Agreements
08/04/2015 - Argex Achieves Short-Term Milestones and Prepares for Next Steps Towards Commercialization
06/30/2015 - Argex Announces AGM Results
06/22/2015 - Argex Realigns its Operations For Engineering And Construction Phase
06/18/2015 - Argex Announces Former President Of Dupont Canada, William White, To Be Nominated To Its Board Of Director
06/10/2015 - Argex To Withdraw Preliminary Short Form Prospectus and Provides An Update On Plan And Budget
06/01/2015 - Argex Files Preliminary Short Form Prospectus 
04/09/2015 - Argex Reports on 2014 & Provides Operational Outlook For Upcoming First Plant 
03/30/2015 - Argex Appoints Serge Depatie As VP Communications and Investor Relations
03/19/2015 - Argex Titanium Signs LOI for 100% of its Iron By-Products with PVS Chemicals
03/04/2015 - Argex Titanium Awards Tecnicas Reunidas EPC Contract 
02/18/2015 - Argex Titanium to Present at the 27th Annual ROTH Conference on March 9, 2015
02/17/2015 - Argex Receives Completed Technical Due Diligence Reports 



2017 News Releases

18/12/2017 - Argex Titanium Holds First Closing of Private Placement for $792,500
13/12/2017 - Argex Titanium Announces Private Placement
11/12/2017 - Argex Titanium invited to present at the first TIO2 summit in China

27/11/2017 - Final Valiation of Argex Titanium's TiO2 For Commercial Optical Properties Tests

16/10/2017 - Argex Titanium Product Completion

22/08/2017 - Argex Titanium Holds Closing of Private Placement

09/08/2017 - Argex Titanium Updates on Milestone Achievements

03/08/2017 - Argex Titanium Poised to Secure Significant Offtakes for Commercial Plant

31/07/2017 - Argex Titanium Provides Update on $3.5 Million Private Placement

11/07/2017 - Argex Titanium Announces $3.5 Million Private Placement

29/06/2017 - Argex Titanium Announces Results of Annual Meeting

22/06/2017 - Argex Titanium Provides Technical Update

20/06/2017 - Argex Titanium Becomes Member of the 8020 Community

23/05/2017 - Argex Titanium Appoints Amir Dallala as Director and Rudy Laurent as Interim CFO

16/03/2017 - Argex Titanium Holds Second Closing of Private Placement

28/02/2017 - Argex Titanium Holds First Closing of Private Placement for $1,554,832

16/01/2017 - Argex Titanium Appoints James P. Berresse as a Director

09/01/2017 - Argex Titanium Provides Lab and Corporate Update

2012 News Releases

12/13/2012 Argex Titanium Inc. – Overview of Q3 Financial Statements
10/30/2012 Argex Completes Airborne Survey at Mouchalagane
10/18/2012 Argex Announces Appointment of Marketing and Sales
10/11/2012 Argex Announces Launch of Feasibility Study for Titanium Dioxide Production Plant
09/06/2012 Argex Successfully Completes 3,000% Pilot Plant Scale-Up
09/04/2012 Argex Announces Appointment Head of Engineering and Construction
08/31/2012 Argex Titanium Inc. Files Q2 2012 Financial Statements
07/18/2012 Argex Mining Inc. Changes Name to Argex Titanium Inc
07/05/2012 Argex Completes $5 Million Non-Brokered Private Placement
06/26/2012 Argex Announces $5 Million Non-Brokered Private Placement
06/14/2012 Argex Announces CTL Process Breakthrough
06/05/2012 Argex Results of TiO2 Grade Sensitivity Analysis Demonstrate Improved Project Economics
05/22/2012 Argex Provides Corporate Update & Financial Highlights
05/09/2012 Warrant Holders Renounce their Rights
04/23/2012 Argex Announces Successful Lac Brule Initial Metallurgy
04/03/2012 Argex And PPG Announce Agreement for Titanium Dioxide Collaboration
03/22/2012 Argex Adopts Shareholder Rights Plan
03/21/2012 Argex Completes Acquisition of Quinto’s Claims on the Lac Brûlé Property
02/29/2012 Argex Appoints Normand Bergeron to its Board Of Directors